Guy Schuh

My goal as a teacher is to train my students in the art of philosophical conversation. To accomplish this, I assign shorter, more focused readings; in-class writing prompts to help students gather their thoughts before discussing a topic; student in-class presentations, where students have to present an analysis of the day’s reading along with an accompanying handout and questions for in-class discussion; and student objection assignments, where students have to come up with an objection on a reading and present it to the class for discussion. You'll see these strategies employed in the syllabi below. 


My teaching strengths include Ancient, Medieval, Ethics, Classical Chinese Philosophy, and Phenomenology.


Here's my teaching statement, student evaluations, and full teaching dossier


Here are some draft syllabi of courses I'd like to teach:


Eudaimonism in Ancient Philosophy

Philosophy of Friendship

Medieval Philosophy

Ethics as Introduction to Philosophy


Here are the courses I've taught, along with full syllabi:


Spring 2019

Classical Chinese Philosophy


Fall 2018

Comparitive Western/Eastern Ethics: The Ethics of Lying


Spring 2018

Medieval Philosophy

Introduction to Philosophy


Fall 2017

Ancient Philosophy

Introduction to Philosophy


Spring 2017

Introduction to Philosophy


Fall 2016

Introduction to Philosophy


Summer 2014

History of Ancient Philosophy


Summer 2013

History of Ancient Philosophy